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Wizards Chess image

Wizards Chess VR

Solo fan game project, players play a game of wizards chess in the great hall of hogwarts.

Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, C#, Python, SteamVR

VR Knight avatar posing with skeleton avatar in game

Freelancing: Networked VR Talk Show/Wave Shooter

A talk show with a wave-shooter frame. Networked multiplayer to allow guests on the show. Automated half of- and provided documentation for new scene setup process.

Unity, C#, SteamVR, Normcore

Prison Break VR image

Prison Break VR

UnityNYC XR game jam project. In this prison break experience, you must retrieve a package from the warden's office without getting caught but things go wrong fast.

Unity, Blender, C#, DepthKit, SteamVR


in engine model and animation viewer image

In Engine model & animation viewer

Problem: Playing a game of chess to view each animation is not efficient for iterative improvements.

Solution: Made a Unity scene that let me look at models and animations quickly in the editor. Doubles as a bonus "level" in Wizards Chess VR.

copy remove toggle visibility scripts image

Child object modifiers adjustment

Problem: Tileable wall piece has many child models. Iteration for "look" of environment is slow b/c each child model needed manual readjustment

Solution: Wrote scripts that automated much of the manual work involved in the process.

mirror bones script image

Rigging automation

Problem: A significant amount of repetitive work involved with rigging and adjusting rigs exist because all my rigs are symmterical

Solution: Scripts to mirror position, vertex weights, and bone constraints from the left side to the right for symmetric models

fracture tool image

Vert-Group based model fracture

Problem: Blender's "Cell Fracture" object fracture tool doesn't work well on abnormal meshes like the chess pieces. And I didn't know Houdini existed yet.

Solution: Wrote scripts that break each model by its vertex groups, fills holes in the mesh, and then uses Cell Fracture on the broken limbs. Wasn't perfect, but reduced manual work significantly.


fire effect image

Fire effect

Fire made for my fan game Wizards Chess VR. Shaders primarily use panning noise textures.

great sky image

Great Hall enchanted ceiling

One particle system for half the clouds, two quads with simple panning textures shader, and one sphere for the moon.

mirror bones script image

Magical Chessboard repair

Chessboard repair effect inspired by Molly Weasley's cleaning magic

fire effect image

Magical Ink

Disappearing ink inspired by Tom Riddle's Diary and the Marauder's Map.

knight destroyed by rook image

Chess piece destruction effect

It's wizard's chess, the pieces need to break.


great hall image

Environment: Great Hall of Hogwarts

Environment I made for Wizards Chess VR.

Fun fact: The great hall you see in the HP movies 1-6 is changed in movies 7 & 8. The hall is almost twice as tall, everything above the height of the braziers is elongated!

great sky image

Characters and Animations: Chess pieces

Models, rigs, animations for Wizards Chess VR.

Fun fact: Only 3 animations are shown in the movie: Queen attack, Pawn attack, and King's checkmate animation! I made the rest of the animations to fit with the look of those 3.

Old work

Super Smash Bros logo

Super Smash Bros. Reddit Bot

A bot for the Super Smash Bros. Subreddit that defines terms or retrieves character data when requested

Heroku, Python, BeautifulSoup, PRAW, Tabulate

Room render

Interior Modeling

A 3D model of my room made with Blender

Blender, Gimp

Titanic image

Titanic Survivors Predictions

Predicted survival outcomes based on the given data set by Kaggle

Pandas, Numpy, Sci Kit Learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn

Python programming language logo

Python Data Structures and Algorithms

A repository of my code and notes for the Data Structures and Algorithms in books such as Cracking the Coding Interview

Python, my notebook, my whiteboard